Creating a house that fits in its surroundings

Creating a house that fits in its surroundings

These two semi-detached houses have been drawn by Chris in a style to be sympathetic to the existing properties in a residential street in Newhall, Swadlincote.

The three bedroomed family homes have a spacious living dining area, with double doors leading out into the garden. A master bedroom with ensuite, two further bedrooms and a loft room.

Building hasn’t started yet on these houses, but once fully built we will update this post with photos.

Ground Floor

First Floor


You may have some land to the side or rear of your house that could be built on. Even if you are selling your property it’s a good idea to get an architectural consultant to draw some plans and get planning permission. Then you can attract potential buyers that would like to build on the land or sell to builders. Contact us for more information.

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Beautiful bespoke luxury home for a celebrity

Beautiful bespoke luxury home for a celebrity

We were employed by a celebrity to create their perfect luxury home. This four-bedroomed detached house was designed in a traditional style to replicate a coach house. Complete with dressing rooms and en-suites for two bedrooms and a study, this beautiful home certainly has loads of curb-appeal.


Ground and Floor Plan

Drawings for a three house development in Swadlincote

Drawings for a three house development in Swadlincote

In 2014 we were hired by a local builders to design a three house development in Swadlincote. This comprised of two semi-detached and one detached family houses.

Potters Croft, Swadlincote – Street Scene

Potters Croft, Swadlincote – Site Plan

Rolleston-on-Dove single storey rear and first floor side extension

Rolleston-on-Dove single storey rear and first floor side extension

A recent architect project of ours was to design a single storey rear and first floor side extension to existing property in Rolleston-on-Dove near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. We designed the extension to the clients requirements creating a bigger utility from and a large dining and day room. Using bi-fold doors at the rear of the property maximised the light to make the new living spaces bright and airy.

Ground Floor Drawings

First Floor Drawings

Would you like to extend your family home?

Would you like to extend your family home?

Would you like to extend your family home? Or want a complete redesign of your living space, we can help, get in touch.

This is just one example of our work and how we can work with your current house to create your perfect home.

Adding a two storey extension to either side of detached house not only doubled the living space, but also created a bright and airy family home.



A quick quide to planning permission!

A quick quide to planning permission!

If like hundreds, maybe thousands of other people out there you find planning permission a minefield, here are a few tips to get you started…

When planning a rennovation on your home, one of the first things to consider is planning permission. Whether it be a loft conversion, an extension, or even a conservatory there are vital things that need to be considered.

  1. Planning permission should be granted before any work begins! This is key. If you decide to go ahead without planning permission, your local council can order you to take it down which is a huge waste of time, not to mention money £££
  2. Consider your neighbours! It is important to consider what effect the propsed change will have on your neighbours. Once an application has been submitted, the council will contact your neighbours for their views on the work you are proposing to carry out. Be up front and talk to them. Let them know what you are planning on doing. This way, any objections or concerns will be talked about with you, rather than through the council!
  3. Consider the design! Consult an Architectural Designer … (Chris Collins @ CC Design Consultancy…) They are the experts! Let them know your wants and needs through an initial consultation. They will know what will work best. A good Architectural Designer will not submit plans that arent right.
  4. Submit your proposal to your local council! Planning permission can typically take up to 8 weeks so be prepared to wait!
  5. The verdict! Permission will either be granted, or refused. The results 0f this dictate the next steps. If your plans are refused, you can usually ask the council for advice on any modifactions that can be made to aid approval. You can usually re-submit your plans with modification within 12 months for no extra charge.

Some areas of improvement may fall inside of what is known as ‘Permitted Development’ This means you can make rennovations without the need to apply for planning permission. It is always a good idea to consult an expert to make sure that you are within such rights before work begins.

Dont forget, it doesnt have to be difficult! If you are looking at carrying out any rennovations to your property in the Swadlincote, Ashby, or Burton on Trent area, contact us today on; 07989572519 to arrange a FREE initial consultation!

Keep your eyes out for our next blog with details of what type of rennovation requires permission!

Chris and the team!